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Get Involved with MICAH

MICAH members are institutions of faith; churches, synagogues or mosques.

Congregations pay dues (according to their ability) and are the true “owners” of MICAH. Each MICAH congregation is represented in the MICAH Clergy Caucus and on our Leadership Board. Members of MICAH congregations are eligible for leadership training programs and to become members of the committees that define MICAH’s issues and strategies to create change. If your congregation is interested in joining MICAH, please contact the MICAH office to arrange to meet with MICAH staff and/or leaders.

MICAH’s Issue Task Forces meet monthly on the second Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 2201 N. 2nd St. New members are always welcome.



Jobs and Economic Development Task Force at recent Issues Night

Contact us any time to learn more about MICAH and about how you can take your place as a leader for justice.

In the current economic climate, our organization is particularly in need of volunteer help. If you have time to offer, and/or special skills, contact us to schedule your assistance.