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Table of the Saints

Table of the Saints


About Us
Mission / Vision

The Table of the Saints is compiled of a group of Christian formerly incarcerated men who came together after their release to form a faith-based group that would focus on helping restore the lives of men who have now been released form incarceration and returning home to their families and the community. Because of our beliefs we walk in the light as we keep in mind the instruction given by Paul to the Hebrew’s from the book of Hebrews Chapter 3:3. “Remember the prisoners as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated as though you yourselves were suffering bodily".

Our vision is led through prayer and trusting God to order our steps as we mentor, study the word of God, assist in the process of re-entry. In the process we assist in areas of social service, developing not only the emotional but the spiritual transition as well. We want to assist in finding housing as well as provide housing. We are working on setting up a house for housing ex-offenders as we mentor and work closely in the transition.



Table of The Saints

2821 N. 4th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53212

Contact Us:

414-374-8029 ext. 307

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Table of the Saints House Statement of Intended Use

  • Our facility will provide 24 hour supervision. The staff will consist of resident advisors who also provide security and monitoring of residents to insure the safety, protection and welfare of the facility and neighborhood.
  • The community is aware of our intent and approve of our facility and plan of operation. As that acknowledging that the Health and Safety Issues would not be a risk for the community.
  • We have adequate parking on and off street adjacent to our facility.


Plan of Operations

  • The facility location address is 2430 N. 19th Street, Milwaukee WI.
  • The facility shall be known as Table of The Saints House.
  • The facility is a residential house/rooming house located in a residential neighborhood and measures 2102 square feet. To be used for housing 5-6 individuals returning from incarceration.
  • The facility will provide a safe and therapeutic environment in which returning Men learn skills that will help in the transition back into the community.
  • The men will face a variety of issues such as AODA, various behavioral, emotional issues individual living needs.
  • The Table of the Saints Family House will assist men in addressing the above mentioned issues and needs through individual counseling, educational assistance, employment skills development and training programs.
  • Providing restorative life skills through Christ centered aftercare.

Table of the Saints Calendar

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